Latinx Organizations

This project takes on important questions about Latinx political power across the United States. Whose interests do Latinx organizations represent? What strategies do Latinx organizations use in seeking policy change? Under what conditions do Latinx organizations develop coalitions? Who leads Latinx organizations and what effects does this have on the work of organizations? How does Latinx leadership and political advocacy vary across the United States? 

To answer these questions, this study centralizes organization-level and network-level information about Latinx political organizations across key U.S. states with significant Latinx populations. Methodologically, this study combines oral histories with Latinx organizational leaders and the creation of organizational archives that contain a leadership database, event database, and campaign database to examine variation in organizational behavior across U.S. states and across key time periods. 

Undergraduate Research Team

This project intentionally centers and invests in the expertise of Latinx undergraduate students and community organizers.

  • Rosa Aguirre Gutierrez
  • Julie Andres
  • Jarizbeth Caballero
  • Danna Lopez
  • Kaitlyn Navarrette
  • Marlene Marquez
  • Abril Valenzuela