This study examines the organizational landscape of Latinx interests—organizations across the United States whose missions center Latinx communities—to examine intra-group representation inequalities and the changing composition of organized interests among the U.S. Latinx population.

The goal of the Latinx Organizational Archives is to centralize, preserve, and analyze leader-level, organization-level, and network-level information about Latinx-serving organizations working across the United States during the global coronavirus pandemic, a period marked not only by a health crisis but also by intense political contestation whereby individuals, groups, and collectives mobilized to challenge the status quo distribution of power across the United States.

To date, the Latinx Organizational Archives contains a directory of 212 organizations, a directory of organizational leaders, and case studies of organizations representing intersectionally disadvantaged Latinx groups. In future work, the archive will be intentionally expanded to include an original survey of organizational leaders and focus groups where Latinx leaders from across states and localities gather to discuss challenges they face in their respective political ecosystems and to document lessons that emerged through their leadership and organizational work during pandemic times.

Research Team

This community-engaged project centers the experiences and expertise of Latinx and immigrant communities. The team includes undergraduate students, doctoral students, and a Community-Research Consultant.

Manuscripts in Progress

  1. “The Latinx Organizational Archive: Examining Latinx Organized Interests across the United States”
  2. “Centering U.S. Latinx Organizations Without Reproducing Hierarchy, Extraction, and Harm”
  3. “Effective Undergraduate Research Training: Lessons on Pedagogy and Practice from a Minority Serving-Institution”

Spring 2023 Research Accomplishments

In Fall 2022, Dr. Angie Bautista-Chavez recruited a team of undergraduate students, graduate students, and community partners to develop the Latinx Organizational Archives, a multi-method data collection project that examines the work of Latinx-serving organizations across the United States. In Spring 2023, Dr. Bautista-Chavez led the team through various stages of the research process, including an ethics workshop, codebook development, data collection, data analysis, and presentation of findings.

  1. Developed a community-engaged research team.
  2. Facilitated a Research Ethics Workshop to guide research design and data collection strategy.
  3. Designed a theoretically informed codebook to guide systematic data collection.
  4. Built a directory of 200+ Latinx-serving organizations across the United States.
  5. Conducted organizational case studies to examine leadership trajectories. 
  6. Delivered high quality research training.
  7. Provided high quality mentorship and facilitated peer mentorship opportunities.