I have experience teaching and advising across political science subfields and methodologies. I treat all students as capable knowledge producers. I create engaging classrooms where students shape in-class conversations while developing their research skillsets. In 2019, I received the 2019 Derek C. Bok Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching of Undergraduates.

“Angie pushes the students who take a quantitative approach to think more about the substance and implications of their models, and she encourages students with more qualitative approaches to measure and compare systematically.”

Excerpt from “Angie Bautista-Chavez: 2019 Derek C. Bok Award Citation

Immigration Politics Syllabus Bank

I build syllabi that move across levels of analysis, include research that draws on various methodologies, and include a range of theoretical frameworks from across and beyond political science. You can download my graduate-level and undergraduate-level syllabi below.

Arizona State University


  • Politics of U.S. Immigration (Fall 2021, Undergraduate Course)
  • Reforming U.S. Government Agencies (Fall 2021, Undergraduate Course)
  • Politics of International Migration and Expanding Borders (Spring 2022, Graduate Course)
  • Politics of U.S. Immigration (Fall 2022, Undergraduate Course)

Harvard University

Teaching Assistant

  • Research Practice in Qualitative Methods, Frances Hagopian (Spring 2018, Undergraduate Course)
  • Borders and Boundaries in International Relations, Beth Simmons (Spring 2016, Undergraduate Course)
  • Sophomore Tutorial, Ryan Enos and Michael Rosen (Spring 2016, Undergraduate Course)
  • Survey Research Methods, Chase H. Harrison (Fall 2015, Undergraduate Course)