My research advances our understanding of bureaucrats as not only policy implementors but also as policy makers, immigration policy as both domestic and foreign policy, and migration control as a site of both interstate conflict and cooperation. More broadly, my research advances the study of the American bureaucracy and bureaucratic harms, inequality and public policy, the intersection of Latinx politics and U.S. organized interests, and the strategic behavior of political organizations. You can download my CV here.

Borders, Bureaucracy, and Mobility

  • “A Transnational Bureaucratic Framework of Immigration Policymaking” [Working Manuscript]
  • “Charting Bureaucratic Convergence Across Borders” [Working Manuscript with Isabella Bellezza-Smull]

Organized Interests & Organizational Political Behavior

  • “The Latinx Organizational Archive: Examining Latinx Organized Interests across the United States” [Working Manuscript]
  • “Centering U.S. Latinx Organizations Without Reproducing Hierarchy, Harm, and Extraction” [Working Manuscript with Julia Andres, Rosa Aguirre Gutierrez, Jarizbeth Caballero, Dulce Juarez, Danna Lopez, Marlene Marquez, Kaitlyn Navarrette, Richie Romero, Dayne Saldana, Jordin Tafoya, Abril Valenzuela]

Immigration Politics and Policy

  • Gonzales, Roberto G. and Angie M. Bautista-Chavez. 2014. “Two Years and Counting: Assessing the Growing Power of DACA.” American Immigration Council.

Pedagogy and the Profession

  • “Effective Undergraduate Research Training: Strategies on Pedagogy and Practice from a Minority-Serving Institution” [Working Manuscript]